Recommendations for Check In

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To ensure reliable check out, your devices must check in reliably. This page is intended to document Imprivata’s recommendations for a reliable check in experience.

Your Check In workflow must contain the following actions, at a minimum:

Every Apple DEP workflow will additionally include the following actions, which should be left untouched for Check In workflows:

  • Device Enrollment Program
  • Add WiFi

Optionally, you may add the following actions:

  • This article assumes you are running Locker for iOS 3.6.1 or later.
  • The Launch App action is required to work around a bug introduced in iOS 15. This bug remains in iOS 16, unfortunately. Imprivata has reported this issue to Apple.
  • The app is a hidden app in iOS that is used for bookmarked web apps. It is usable even if your MDM policy blocks Safari. The app displays a simple blank screen.
  • Imprivata no longer recommends launching This app triggers a bug in iOS 16.2 (apparently fixed in 16.3). Additionally, we want to discourage users from opening Settings, usually.
  • Although the workflow editor shows the Check In before the Launch App action, GroundControl actually executes Launch App earlier.