Check In Device Actions

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The Check In Device workflow action supports several options.

App Version

The Check In action locks the device to our Locker app. Imprivata currently offers two version of Locker: legacy version 2 and current version 3 (supporting Password AutoFill). The App Version selector is used to indicate which version of the Locker app to lock. If you have both Locker 2 and Locker 3 installed on your devices, you can use this setting to tell GroundControl which version to lock. This is useful while transitioning from Locker 2 to Locker 3.

If you have only one version of Locker on your devices, as is common, then this setting must be set appropriately.

Logout Actions

Before locking the device, GroundControl can perform one or more actions on the device to log out of apps. We have several built-in integrations.

App NameLogout MethodLogout URI
Apple ShortcutsX Callback URLshortcuts://x-callback-url/run-shortcut?name=Logout
TigerConnectUniversal Link Callback
Voalte One*X Callback URLvoalte://x-callback-url/logout?force
Vocera VinaUniversal Link Callback

*GroundControl can log out of Voalte One 3.7 and greater. But today, this is not automatic and requires accepting a user prompt during set up. if the device is erased, check in will fail until this prompt is accepted by an user.

Adding new Logout Actions

As Apps are adding integration with Imprivata GroundControl, we allow customers to add their own custom integrations to GroundControl, so you don’t need to wait for a product update from us.

In Admin > App Logout GroundControl displays any configured App Logout schemes.

Click New App to add a new app with a logout action.

  • App Name: this field is for your own purpose, but we recommend using both the app developer and app name, like “Imprivata Cortext”.
  • Logout method: Set this according to the logout method supported by your app. GroundControl supports the following logout methods:
    • Universal Link Callback — more info in our ULC documentation RECOMMENDED!
    • x-callback-url — more info at
    • Interapp callback — use this for other callback mechanisms using Interapp-style (“app://…”) links
  • Logout URI: Enter the app’s appropriate logout URL or URI here.
    • Universal Link Callback — enter a URL to the app’s associated domain. The URL must begin with “https://” and should include the path to the app’s logout action. Do not include “ulc-success” or “ulc-failure” as GroundControl will add these as needed.
    • x-callback-url — enter the URI to the app’s logout callback. These will not begin with “https://” but with a URI scheme specific to the app, such as “your-app://x-callback-url/…”. Do not include “x-success” or “x-failure” as GroundControl will add these as needed.
    • Interapp callback — like x-callback-url, these will start with an app name and not “https://”. The Interapp callback URI must include the string “[CALLBACK]” somewhere in your URI. GroundControl will replace that token with an appropriate callback URL.

Once you add the new app logout, you may select the option in your workflow Check In actions.

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