GroundControl Compatibility with iOS 15

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Preparing for iOS 15
  • Launchpad: We have tested iOS 15 with GroundControl Launchpad version 5.0 and later and have not yet found any changes that would require a Launchpad update. We have not tested with earlier versions of Launchpad, we encourage you to test your existing workflows with iOS 15!
  • Server: Hide the new Magnifier app and set it up in the Icon arrangement action. We have found no issues with GroundControl Server and iOS 15
  • MobileDevice: As of today, iOS 15 requires 1253.100.1, same as iOS 14.5. However,  iOS 15.1, currently in Beta requires an update to MobileDevice to 1351.1 or later. Check for more information
  • DEP: No additional set up screens have been added so far, so existing DEP profiles used in MDM should allow the device to reach the Home Screen automatically. NOTE: A default Set Language and Locale action in the GroundControl workflow is required to skip the language set up on the device.
Known Issues

We have identified an issue with iOS 15 and check in workflows, where devices may not check in if the device’s screen is off and the Locker app is running in the foreground. The issue was briefly fixed in 15.4, but we are seeing it again on 15.5 and later iOS versions, including iOS 16.

The Check In action in GroundControl workflows leverages Single App Mode in iOS to force the screen to wake up and lock the device, but there appears to be bug in Single App Mode and iOS 15 that prevents this from occurring. We have reported this bug to Apple via Feedback ID FB9640857.

As a workaround, follow our recommendations for Check In workflows.