Implementation, Maintenance, and Best Practices – Introduction

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Imprivata Mobile Access Management (formerly Imprivata GroundControl) Check Out is Imprivata’s tool for shared device accountability, management, and login acceleration. Based on years of experience, this topic is intended to help our customers successfully roll out and maintain Mobile Access Management (MAM) for daily use at hundreds of locations. Imprivata does this by setting expectations, identifying needed resources — both hardware and human — and documenting the best practices we have observed.

As you implement MAM, you may improve upon what is included in this guide. We encourage you to send us ideas and feedback to make this guide more useful for others in the healthcare community.


This document is intended for the project team implementing and supporting GroundControl within your enterprise. The team should include at least the following people:

  • IT project managers
  • Network administrators
  • Imprivata GroundControl system administrators
  • Mobile device administrators to perform MDM configuration
  • Imprivata OneSign administrators
  • Facilities management to scope and set up appropriate locations at each deployment location
  • Clinical Informatics, nursing, and end user stakeholders
Additional Resources

Imprivata has resources to assist customers with the implementation and support of this critical service. Your Imprivata account manager can provide more information on any of the following.


To get the most out of this implementation and best practice guide, you should have already completed the following:

  1. You have access to a hosted Imprivata Mobile Access Management tenant.
  2. You have set up and tested the Prep, Check Out, and Return workflows as described in our online Check Out Guide.
  3. You have a clear understanding of the clinical workflows associated with these shared devices.
  4. You have integrated proximity badge readers with Imprivata OneSign to translate the RFID badges into an Active Directory user ID.
  5. You have integrated your MDM solution into Imprivata Mobile Access Management and configured the MDM APIs.
  6. You have purchased licensing for MAM provisioning, MAM Check Out, and Imprivata OneSign Authentication Management licenses as required.

This guide helps you select the most appropriate equipment for this important project, so review carefully before making significant purchases.

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