System Requirements

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Cloud Administrator Console
  • The GroundControl Administrator Console supports any modern web browser on Mac and Windows.
  • Imprivata tests with Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.
Launchpad Mac or Windows PC

Both Mac and Windows may be used to run the client-side Launchpad software.

Form FactorDesktop or laptopHeadless desktop mini-PC
Remote DesktopOptionalRequired
OSmacOS, Windows 10, or Windows 11 version within the last 2 years
Drive Capacity20 GB+ SSD
Permission: Allow accessory to connect (see note below table)Required
Concurrent connections to smart hubsLaunchpads only support concurrent connections to smart hubs of the same manufacturer.

NOTE: “Allow accessory to connect” setting is required for Mac launchpads running MacOS 13 (Ventura) and later. For more information, see this article.

If your PC has trouble connecting to more than 8 or so iPhones at once, try to disable XHCI in the PC’s BIOS. Test your model thoroughly before selecting a PC to be used as Launchpad.


GroundControl uses HTTPS (port 443) for all communication between the Launchpad and the Cloud Administrator Console. After initial registration, the Launchpad switches to Secure WebSockets (also port 443) for asynchronous bi-directional messaging.

Firewalls must support Secure WebSockets. A common firewall feature is to force close any sockets that remain open for a long period of time, but this will cause GroundControl to lose the client-server connection.

LaunchpadUS: /,
UK: /,
HTTPS/443 and WSS/443Server communication
HTTPS/443Asset downloads
Launchpad*.bugsplatsoftware.comHTTPS/443Crash reporting
Launchpad (iOS only)
HTTPS/443Apple device activation & IPSW downloads
LaunchpadYour Imprivata OneSign applianceHTTPS/443Identify look up during Checkout (if used)
Locker app (iOS and Android)
ctlful.imprivata.comHTTPS/443Log submission
HTTPS/443Checkout (if used)
DeviceYour Imprivata OneSign applianceHTTPS/443Identity look up during Checkout (if used)
Device (iOS only)* Ports: 443, 80, 5223, 2197Apple push notifications
Device (Android only)See Firebase DocumentationTCP ports: 443, 5228, 5229, 5230
Firebase push notifications
GroundControl Server
Your MDM ServerHTTPS/443MDM API requests (if used)

Apple products on enterprise networks typically require specific hosts and ports to be open. For more information, see Apple’s documentation on the use of Apple products on enterprise networks.

Android products on enterprise networks require specific hosts and ports to be open for Firebase push notifications. For more information, see Google documentation.

Proxy Support

GroundControl has limited support for proxies:

  • Proxies must be configured in the Launchpad app during initial registration
  • Only unauthenticated proxies are supported
  • Authenticated proxies and PAC files are not supported
  • System proxy settings are ignored
USB Hubs and Carts

USB hubs vary wildly in quality. GroundControl recommends a very limited number of hubs and carts from trusted manufacturers.

  • Imprivata Bretford PowerSync Pro v2.
  • Datamation UniDock, Trays, and U-Series Sync & Charge hubs and related carts.
  • Cambrionix ThunderSync.

Poor-quality electronics will display intermittent errors during restores and iOS updates.


GroundControl Locker 2 (iOS) is now end-of-life as previously communicated. New iOS workflows will no longer require selecting an app version. Existing workflows are unaffected, though Check In workflows with Locker 2 will no longer be supported.


GroundControl supports Apple iOS and Android devices.

Apple Devices

Apple device support is based on iOS version support. GroundControl supports iOS 17, 16, and 15. Only factory-reset devices are supported.

Android Devices

GroundControl 6.0 and later supports Android devices, running Android 9 and above.

Android OSAndroid 9 or later
Cisco devicesCP 860
GoogleGoogle Pixel 7
Google Pixel 7a
Google Pixel 8
Google Pixel 8 Pro
Honeywell devicesCT30 (non-healthcare)
Samsung devicesSamsung S22
Samsung A14
Spectralink devicesVersity 95
Versity 96
Versity 97XX
Zebra devicesZebra TC5 series - TC52, TC57
Zebra TC2 series - TC21, TC26
Zebra HC50
Device settings and permissionsThe Imprivata Locker app for Android devices requires the following device settings and permissions:
- Draw over (overlay) other apps.
- Accessibility Service.
MDMsAndroid devices must be enrolled in an MDM system:
- Workspace ONE (AirWatch)
- Microsoft Intune
- SOTI MobiControl
Device Cases & Batteries

GroundControl does not support all device cases. For more information, see this article.

Supported Applications

For more information on supported applications, see this article.

Cerner Mobile Applications:
- PowerChartTouch v 1.14 and later
- Cerner Camera
- Capture v4.1 and later
- Connect Messenger v 3.26 and later
- Connect Nursing v3.2 and later
- Bridge v2.0 and later
- Connect Phlebotomy v1.6 and later
- Connect Patient Flow v1.7 and later
Imprivata Locker Android and later
DrFirst Backline v. Locker Android and later
Vocera Edge v4.12.2Imprivata Locker iOS