Check Out and Password AutoFill Prerequisites

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Check Out and Password AutoFill have several prerequisites:

  1. Imprivata must enable this feature for you. There may be an additional charge depending on your current GroundControl License. Once available in your organization, turn on the feature in Admin > Check Out.
  2. App: Your organization must be enrolled in Apple’s iTunes Volume Purchase Program to obtain the Imprivata Locker app. See the next section for more information.
  3. MDM: Your devices must be managed by an MDM. Devices enrolled in Apple Business Manager (previously known as Device Enrollment Program or DEP) and non-DEP devices are supported. If using DEP, DEP Supervision Identity features must be enabled.
  4. Network: The locked devices must be able to reach your GroundControl server (usually on HTTPS/443.  Devices using Password AutoFill require access to the Imprivata appliance over the network. Make sure your network firewall allows access.
  5. Notifications: The Imprivata Locker app requires notification access. You must set up a profile in your MDM to allow Locker to display notifications. NOTE:  iOS only allows for a single notification profile to be installed on a device. If you already have an existing profile in your MDM that sets notifications, add the Imprivata Locker app to it, rather than create a new profile.
  6. Passcode Management: GroundControl cannot automatically connect to passcode locked devices. If you are enforcing passcodes in your organization, the passcode must be cleared via MDM when using check out. Please check this article for more information.
  7. Licensing: If using Check Out integrated with Imprivata OneSign, a Imprivata OneSign Authentication Management license is required.

Password AutoFill specific prerequisites:

  1. Imprivata Locker for iOS app 3.0 or later. GroundControl Locker 2, which ended life in December 2021, did not support Password AutoFill.
  2. Imprivata OneSign is required for Password AutoFill. All currently maintained versions of Imprivata OneSign are supported.
  3. In addition to Imprivata OneSign Authentication Management licenses, Imprivata OneSign SSO licenses are required for AutoFill users.
  4. Devices must be on iOS 14.1 or later
  5. MDM must allow autofill features via Restrictions profile, if disabled.
  6. Each device will need to be set up manually to use the Imprivata’s AutoFill extension — unfortunately there is no way to do this automatically using MDM or GroundControl. See instructions here for set up.


  1. Proximity Card Reader: We support a number of Imprivata’s USB-Connected proximity card readers such as the Imprivata 82
  2. SmartHub Docking Station: Imprivata GroundControl requires use of an Imprivata LED-enabled SmartHub for Check Out and Check In workflows.

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