About Smart Hubs

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When used with certain “smart” enterprise USB hubs, GroundControl can provide enhanced detail such as port number and charging rate. Some models also allow for LED control, to show successful or failed deployments, for example.

By default, Smart Hub features are enabled in Admin > Launchpads > Smart Hub Features.

LED Feedback

GroundControl uses available LEDs to display pairing, charging, and Workflow status information. On some models, the blue LED shows as yellow.

Datamation with Multicolor LEDs
Imprivata-Branded Bretford PowerSync Pro v2
Green, solidIdle / SuccessfulFully Charged
Green, blinkingIdle / SuccessfulCharging
Blue, solidDeployment in progressCan be suppressed via a Check Out Workflow action or from the Launchpad options.
Blue, blinkingWaiting for pairing or waiting for recovery mode
Red, solidDeployment failed
Green & BlueNot paired or pairing error
White, blinkingCheck out complete, remove device now
Legacy Bretford with Amber/Green LEDs (Mac Only)
Green, solidIdleFully Charged
Amber, solidIdleCharging
Green, blinkingBusyFully Charged
Amber, blinkingBusyCharging
Port Number

When available, GroundControl can display the port number for each device plugged into a hub.


If a Launchpad detects multiple smart hubs, then it will assign each a letter. Ports will be displayed as “A-1”, “A-2”, “B-1”, etc. A hub will be assigned the same identifier consistently, so you may physically label the hub if you desire.

Charging Rate

When available, charging rate in Amps is displayed next to the battery power level. Mouse over the battery indicator to display.


This data is refreshed every 10 seconds or so.

Supported Smart Hubs

Cable-free simplicity.

Datamation UniDockUSB 28 / 16 / 24 iPhone Checkout
Display Slot
Display Charging Rate
Multicolor LEDs
Inner-Vision Technology Tough-PAC Charge Station-4USB 24 Patient iPads
Cabinets & Trays

Attach cables to connect diverse devices.

Imprivata Bretford PowerSync Pro (v2) 10S / 20SUSB 210 / 20 iPhones or iPad minis iPhone Checkout
Display Slot
Multicolor LEDs
Imprivata Bretford PowerSync Pro (v2) 10L / 20LUSB 210 / 20 iPads Patient iPads
Display Slot
Multicolor LEDs
Datamation MDM Tray (DS-MDM-SC-16U-IPL)USB 216 Patient iPads
Display Slot
Display Charging Rate
Multicolor LEDs
Super High Speed Thundersync

Up to 32x quicker than USB.

Cambrionix ThunderSync3-16 (USA)
Cambrionix ThunderSync3-16 (Global)
Thunderbolt 316 Rackmount Display Slot
Display Charging Rate
Multicolor LEDs

Certain Datamation cabinets and carts use the same components as the above, and GroundControl will provide the same information.