MDM Integration: Jamf Pro

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Applies to iOS only.

Imprivata GroundControl is integrated with Jamf Pro. The instructions below describe how to set up GroundControl to use Jamf Pro APIs. Optionally, you may add an Enrollment Profile for touch-free enrollments of non-DEP devices.

API Integration

Jamf Pro API Integration is recommended for both DEP and non-DEP enrollments. API integration adds additional features to customize your workflows, including device delete, clear passcode and enable Lost Mode on overdue devices.

Jamf Pro API Integration Account Permissions

The minimum permissions the Jamf Pro API Integration account (API User) will need:

  • Sites [Read]
  • Mobile Devices [Create, Read, Update, Delete]
  • Send Mobile Device Remove Passcode Command
  • Send Mobile Device Lost Mode Command
  • Users [Update]

NOTE: If your organization does not intend to use the passcode or Lost Mode features, you can omit those permissions.

GroundControl Setup

1. In GroundControl’s admin console, navigate to Admin > MDMs.

2. Click the plus to Add a new MDM, and choose Jamf Pro.

3. Ignore the enrollment profile, and enable API Integration.

4. Enter your Host, API User and API Password.

5. Click Test to validate a successful connection and click Save.