Overdue Devices

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Like library books, checked-out devices that aren’t returned by a certain date can become overdue, and notify you or the user that a device hasn’t been returned yet.

Enable Overdue Devices

To enable the Overdue Devices feature:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Check Out and turn on the Overdue Devices setting.
  2. In the Overdue Devices dialog, customize the number of hours and minutes since checkout until devices are marked overdue. After the lending period is up, GroundControl sets the Device Checkout Status to Overdue. This status appears in the device list. You may search devices for “Overdue” to see all overdue devices.
  3. When devices are returned, the “Check In” action replaces the status to Checked In.

In addition to marking the devices as Overdue, you may enable lost mode and/or send email for overdue devices.

Enable Lost Mode for Overdue Devices

Lost Mode is a native Apple MDM feature. GroundControl supports Lost Mode only with VMware Workspace ONE and Jamf Pro. Additional MDM systems may be supported in the future.

When Lost Mode is enabled:

  • Apps may not be used
  • The home button doesn’t function
  • Devices show a black screen with customizable text
  • Devices begin reporting their location to the MDM, even if Location Services is disabled
  • Low power mode is enabled to keep reporting location as long as possible

GroundControl disables Lost Mode when a device is returned to any Launchpad. Alternatively, you may disable Lost Mode using your MDM’s console.

Send Email for Overdue Devices

GroundControl can send email when devices are overdue. Specify one or more email addresses to send overdue notices, separated by commas. Attributes may be used here.

You may customize the Email subject and body using attributes.

Customize the time (number of hours) until devices are marked overdue. Once that countdown is up, GroundControl will set the checkout status to “Overdue”, allowing you to search for overdue devices in the Devices tab. After the devices are returned, their status will be updated back to Checked in.

If you prefer to be notified, and perhaps remind the user as well, you can specify one or more email addresses to send overdue notices. Attributes may be used for multiple addresses, separated by commas.

The feature includes a default email body, but this allows you to use attributes and other important info to your organization and environment. Click Save to keep your changes, restarting the Launchpads in order for the change to take effect.

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