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The Admin section provides Console Admins with the ability to access and configure to key features of GroundControl.

  • The Organization tab shows number of licenses purchased, their start and end dates, plus total of active and available device licenses.
  • The Team tab allows you to manage users, assign roles and reset user passwords.
  • The SAML tab allows you to configure SAML for your organization.
  • The iOS Updates tab allows you to choose how long you want GroundControl to delay an iOS update.
  • The DEP tab allows you to enable supervision identity features on DEP devices.
  • On the MDMs tab, you can configure GroundControl to enroll devices touch-free into your Mobile Device Management system. GroundControl works with most MDM systems, using the same configuration profile as Apple Configurator.
  • The Attributes tab allows you to create and edit powerful custom attributes for Devices and Launchpads.
  • The Launchpads settings tab provides the ability to always keep your fleet of Launchpads up-to-date + more.
  • The Self Heal tab allows you to enable Self Heal Detection, which is required for Self Heal. With this, GroundControl checks devices to see if the Self Heal app has been triggered. In addition, this tab contains Self Heal App Distribution.
  • The Dashboard tab allows you to configure which system status, Launchpad, and Device health metrics to display on the Dashboard.
  • The Check Out tab provides the ability to customize the settings for the feature be and contains links to instructions for setup.
  • The App Logout tab allows you to configure devices to automatically log out of compatible apps when the devices are checked in.
  • The API Keys tab allows you to create and revoke API keys. For more information, see our API Documentation (requires login).