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The Team tab, found under Admin tab, allows administrators to invite users, assign roles, remove users and reset passwords.

User Roles
RoleConsole AdminConsole UserDevice ManagerDevice & Launchpad Read OnlyLaunchpad Only
Workflows: Read & Deploy
Workflows: Edit & Delete
Launchpads: Register
Launchpad: ListOnly Launchpads registered by same user
Launchpad: ModifyOnly Launchpads registered by same user
Devices: List
Devices: Modify
Automation & Cache: List
Automation & Cache: Modify

Console Admins have full access to the GroundControl admin console.

Console Users can create, edit, delete and deploy workflows, but do not have access the Admin tab.

Device Managers, by default, can only perform manual deployments to individual devices. However, we can enable the option to bulk deploy for this role, contact for more information. This role is appropriate for help desk staff.

Device & Launchpad Read Only users can register, view, and modify only the Launchpads registered by them.

Launchpad Only users can download and register Launchpads.  They have no other access to the admin console.

Additional Roles

GroundControl offers more robust team management for organizations with a large fleet of Launchpads, with the ability to assign a User Manager to create and edit other users. Contact us for additional information.

Large organizations and Managed Service Providers working with multiple companies may have access to the Multi-Organization Admin role. Contact us for additional information.

Access to the GroundControl Admin Console

Users that have not logged in to the  GroundControl admin console within the past 90 days are prevented from logging in. Instead, GroundControl sends the user an email with a link to validate that their email address is still valid before allowing login. The single-use link expires in five (5) days. Users are required to enter the correct password or use the Reset Password workflow to reset their password.
Applies to: All accounts, except for the Launchpad Only role. Does not apply to SAML organizations.