Update Smart Hub Firmware

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To update the firmware on your Smart Hub, upload your desired firmware or select a firmware version already in your assets. Then update the selected Smart Hub. For Smart Hubs that contain more than one USB hub inside a single physical enclosure, all hubs will be updated at the same time when using GroundControl.

GroundControl supports updating the following firmware:

  • Cambrionix firmware for Datamation products:
    • The supported file format for Cambrionix firmware is .enfir.
    • Obtain the latest firmware from Datamation or Cambrionix.
  • Bretford firmware:
    • The supported file format is .bfw.
    • Obtain the latest firmware from Bretford.
    • When updating the firmware from 2.2.14 to 2.2.15 or later, the hub can have attached devices.
    • When updating a Bretford hub from firmware earlier than 2.2.14 to firmware releases of 2.2.14 or later, the hubs must have no devices attached.

To update the firmware:

  1. In the Launchpad Actions menu, select Update <vendor> Firmware.
  2. In the Update Firmware dialog, either upload your desired firmware package, or select a firmware version already in your assets.
    • To upload a firmware package, click Upload New and select the appropriate file location.
    • To select an existing firmware version, select it from the firmware version list.
  3. Click Update. The Launchpad Details page displays the status of the firmware update.