Fact Sheet: DEP & GroundControl

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Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is a significant addition to enterprise mobile management, worthy of the attention of every mobility administrator. When combined with MDM and Apple’s VPP, a company can create a robust and complete solution for many situations.

GroundControl provides three major advantages over DEP alone:

  • GroundControl is quicker than DEP alone, often twice as fast
  • GroundControl is unattended setup, while DEP requires manual attention
  • GroundControl will automate DEP activation plus many additional actions

There are many use cases where GroundControl can work with DEP to form an almost perfect solution.

Example 1: Shared Devices

No more deployments by hand! GroundControl’s unique automation engine can reliably and easily script virtually every deployment step you require, again and again and again. GroundControl doesn’t need attention while running. This means our deployments take half the time of doing DEP alone. Plus, you can easily scale to deploy many devices at the same time.

And because the deployments is fully automated you no longer need to troubleshoot individual devices. Really. Instead just “Nuke & Pave” — wipe the device and completely reprovision in 90 seconds or less, with true zero touch. GroundControl remembers the initial, pristine device configuration and can re-apply that as often as you need.

Example 2: Highly Regulated Industries

Got HIPAA, SOX, or PCI? The greater the compliance need, the more careful you need to be with deployments. But DEP and MDM are asynchronous, so they can’t guarantee that “step 1” comes before “step 2.” GroundControl’s sequential deployment engine ensures you deploy the steps in the right order every time, and even has an audit log to prove it.

  • Update iOS before quarantine
  • Add root CA certs before VPN starts
  • Install your in-house app before single-app mode starts
FeatureGroundControl+DEPDEP Only
MDM enrollment MDM not removable by user
Skip Setup Screens Automatic
Update iOS before enrollment Automatic Requires Configurator
Initiate full device erase Automatic Manual
Retire old device from MDM Automatic Manual
Add WiFi Automatic Manual
Assign device to MDM user or service account Automatic Manual
Set Icon Arrangement Automatic If in MDM
Set Name Automatic If in MDM
Set Timezone Automatic Manual
Set Language Automatic Manual
Preload Trust Certificates Automatic Manual
Installed locally-cached enterprise apps Automatic Manual
Action triggered byConnect to USBErase and tap screens

If your organization has Supervision Identity features enabled, you’ll be able to do even more with GC & DEP.

FeatureGroundControl+Supervision IdentityDEP Only
Set Wallpaper Automatic If in MDM
Launch App Automatic If in MDM
Hide Apps Automatic If in MDM

It is true that there is some overlap between DEP and GroundControl. But rather than see them as competitors, we’ve worked hard to make them work great together. For more information about DEP + GroundControl, please reach out to info@groundctl.com.