Set Name

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NOTE: The workflow actions available to you depend on the Workflow model you select, the MDM system you use, and the OS of your devices.

Set Name is a flexible and powerful way to name devices automatically.

In the Device Name field, you can enter fixed text to name devices, and/or add attributes to dynamically name and number devices.

Device and Launchpad attributes are available from the menu, including Built-In attributes, Sequential numbers (up to 4 digits), and custom attributes created by an administrator.

You can select multiple attributes to customize your device name.

Attribute types:

Built-In: You can name devices using built data, such as device Serial number, Model, Device Name, and so on. In this case, Device Name is Apple’s actual name for device: iPad, iPod, iPhone.

Sequential number: You can sequentially number devices with up to 4 digits.

Alternately, you can name devices according to attributes you have created for Devices or Launchpads:

IMPORTANT: Use caution when editing attributes you have added to the Device Name field. They are specifically created and formatted using [square brackets].

For more information, see Attributes.