MDM Integration: Citrix Endpoint Management /XenMobile

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Applies to iOS only.


Citrix Endpoint Management uses enrollment URLs to enroll non-DEP devices, rather than MDM enrollment profiles that can be uploaded to GroundControl (or Apple Configurator) for device provisioning and enrollment.

While URL enrollment is not supported by GroundControl at this time, you can still enroll Citrix Endpoint Management for DEP devices enrollment via our DEP workflow.

Advanced API Integration

API Integration is recommended for DEP enrollments. API integration adds additional features to customize your workflows, including device delete and clear passcode.

  1. In GroundControl, navigate to Admin > MDMs. Click Add to add an MDM, and select Citrix.


2. Switch ON the “API Integration”. You’ll see a configuration panel.

3. In Citrix Endpoint Management, you must create an API client in Citrix Cloud.
In the Citrix Cloud console, click the menu in the upper left corner of the screen

4. Select the Identity and Access Management option from the menu. If this option does not appear, you may not have adequate permissions to create an API client. Contact your administrator to get the required permissions.

4. Select the API Access tab. Save the Customer ID parameter presented on this page as this will be needed in GroundControl. Next, you’ll want to create a Secure Client. To do so, enter a name and click Create Client.

5. Download or copy the Client Id and Client Secret, as this will not be visible or available after you close this screen.

You will need the Customer ID, Client ID and Client Secret to establish a connection with GroundControl.

5. In GroundControl, select the region and enter the

6. Click Test to validate the connection and click Save.