Enroll in MobileIron Core

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When using MobileIron Core with API, GroundControl adds several features to the standard Enroll in MDM action.

With Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile (formerly MobileIron Core), GroundControl will retire each device before the enrollment starts to ensure that the enrollment is treated as “new” by the MDM. There is no switch for this; GroundControl automatically enables this feature when you add valid MobileIron API credentials in Admin.

Optionally, GroundControl will also allow you to:

  • Retire Device: If the device was previously enrolled in Mobileiron Core, we’ll retire it before starting a deployment. We recommend retiring a device if it’s already been enrolled in MI Core, or if you’re re-assigning it to a different user.
  • Assign to User: Device will be assigned to a specific user. If using the local option, user the MI Core User ID for enrollment.
  • Add Labels — Specify a list of comma-delimited labels to assign to a device after successful enrollment.  If you use an attribute for labels, each device can have unique labels. You must create the labels in your MDM before using them in GroundControl.
  • Convert unmanaged apps to managed: If you’re side loading Enterprise apps via GroundControl, you can establish “trust” by converting them to managed apps during the deployment process. Make sure your app is in your Workflow, it has been uploaded to MobileIron Core, and assigned to the device.