Audit Log

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The Audit Log is found under the Welcome Menu, and is available to all users. It includes a record of all operations performed on GroundControl for your organization.

The following actions are logged on the Audit Log:


  • Created workflow
  • Modified workflow
  • Deleted workflow
  • Cloned workflow


  • Registered Launchpad
  • Upgraded Launchpad
  • Deleted Launchpad
  • Changed Launchpad’s custom field from A to B
  • Failed Login


  • Added Device
  • Deleted Device
  • Retired Device
  • Change Device’s attribute from A to B


  • Created rule
  • Modified rule
  • Deleted rule
  • Enabled rule
  • Disabled rule


  • Added, Modified, Deleted MDM
  • Added, Modified, Deleted attribute
  • Invited user, with role
  • Changed role of user
  • Deleted user


  • Accepted invitation
  • Logged in
  • Logged out
  • Changed password
  • Failed login

Note: Deployment activity is found in the Activity tab.