MDM Integration: SOTI MobiControl

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NOTE: Applies to Android devices only.

GroundControl supports MDM integration with SOTI MobiControl.

Android Requirements
  • The Imprivata Locker Android app must be granted Lock Task permissions in the MDM. In SOTI, this is lockdown mode.
  • The Locker app must be added to the allowlist in your MDM.
Locker App Registration

The integration of GroundControl with SOTI MobiControl requires that you configure the API Integration and Android Locker App.

  1. In the GroundControl console, navigate to Admin > MDMs. Click + Add, and select SOTI MobiControl.
  2. Switch the API Integration setting to ON. Click Configure. In the configuration dialog, add API settings that you obtained from the SOTI MobiControl console.
Set Up SOTI MobiControl
Configure SOTI Lockdown Mode

SOTI‘s Lockdown mode replaces the standard device home screen with a customizable launcher interface that provides the user access to authorized apps and device features only. SOTI‘s Lockdown mode enables the ability to install the Imprivata Locker app in lock mode so the user cannot skip it.

SOTI Lockdown Mode and Imprivata Locker

When you configure SOTI Lockdown mode with the Imprivata Locker app, GroundControl will use the lock task from SOTI lockdown and will lock the device.

IMPORTANT: If an app is not explicitly included in the SOTI Lockdown mode, there will be restrictions when trying to access or invoke that app while the lockdown is in place.

To configure SOTI Lockdown mode:

  1. Set up SOTI using the tasks above.
  2. In the SOTI console, navigate to Configurations > Profiles. You can either create a new profile, or edit an existing profile for Lockdown mode.
  3. On the Configurations page of the profile, click + to add a configuration to the profile.
    1. In the Restrictions section, click Lockdown.
      1. On the Device Control tab, in the Custom Home Screen section, in Add Home Screen Items, click +.
        1. Add the Imprivata Locker app.
        2. Add any other apps and adjust the display order of the home screen items, if needed. The user will only get access to the selected apps.
    2. In the Lockdown Type section, select Native.
      1. Enable Home Button.
      2. Enable Keyguard.
      3. Enable Power Menu.
    3. In the Security section, click Authentication.
      1. In the Device Administrator section, in the Password box, type a password for the administrator. This allows the administrator the ability to exit from SOTI Lockdown.
      2. Click Save.
  4. Apply the profile to the device group.
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